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Google Ads Changing Delivery Method To Standard Delivery

Google have recently announced that they are moving away from the “accelerated” delivery method, which will mean “standard” delivery will be the only selectable/default delivery method as of October 1st 2019.

What does this mean?

This means that by October 1st 2019, you will no longer be able to select the accelerated delivery method option, and automatically opt into the standard delivery as default.

This change will not effect too many Google Ads users as the majority of people would naturally be using a standard delivery method, but to those who do not this may be a blessing in disguise and you may now start to see your campaigns improve.

Here is why

Google had reported the following findings:

  • People were found to be using accelerated delivery as a way of increasing their spend, when this was not the intention and there are more effective ways to optimise spend.
  • For limited by budget accounts they found that accelerated delivery methods actually lead to a higher cost-per-click (CPC).
  • They found that there were incidents where accelerated delivery methods would results in ads being shown in specific regions to specific demographics based on time difference, which was overriding other targeting inputs.
  • Clicks were being recorded less in campaigns with an accelerated delivery strategy & ROI’s were lower with this strategy in place.

How will Standard Delivery effect me?


Competitors wise you need to be wary and ready.

Competitors who have had this strategy enabled before would not have realised the negatives of this strategy and now have automatically got a stronger campaign with lower CPC and campaigns that will last longer through the day (dependant on other factors).

This means you may find key conversion times being effected, and may start to notice drops in conversions or increased conversion cost due to a lot more advertisers not using all the budget as quickly as possible and now you will notice they have some influence in the time periods you are used to dominating, which then starts effecting your impression share, which leads to effecting your clicks and further act as a domino effect going down the line.


Campaigns with a “standard” delivery method already in place wont need to make any changes and this should be business as usual, at the very most you may have to double check all campaigns to ensure this method is enabled.

For those of you who were using an “accelerated” delivery method may want to read our steps below on how to change this method straight away in your account, but generally this change for the majority can only effect you in a positive manor.

You may want to revisit your account/campaign strategies and if you are having trouble with spend look into other ways to increase this such as broad match keywords with negatives, increasing bids, using alternate big strategies or using ad schedule bid adjustments to aggressively target key conversion hours.

How do I change to Standard Delivery?

Option 1: The quick & easier way to Standard Delivery

Please note: This wont be visible to all accounts and if this is the case for you proceed to option 2.

  1. Look In the top right hand corner of your google Ads account, in between the question mark and Ads ID you will see a bell feature.
  2. Click on the bell feature, you should see a drop down menu with information.
  3. Scroll through you should read “Switch X of your campaigns to standard delivery, click “switch now”.
  4. You will now be taken to a screen with all your campaigns that have this option enabled, and you will be able to make the changes from here.

Option 2: The normal way to Standard Delivery

  1. Log into Google Ads
  2. Click on a campaign
  3. Click on settings in the navigation on the left side of the screen
  4. Click on to Budget
  5. Click on to the Delivery method dropdown at bottom of the box
  6. Select the Standard option and click save.

For more information on Google Ads Changing Delivery Method To Standard Delivery – Click Here

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