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How To Set Up Google Ads

Setting Up Google Ads From Scratch?

Not too sure where to start? well don’t worry PPC Management Guide will take you through a step by step process on how to set up your google ads account from scratch.

When setting up a Google Ads account it is a pretty straight forward process as long as you have all of the following ready:

  • Email Address which will be used to manage the account, receive notifications and will have the full admin rights should you want to assign additional users to your account.
  • Registered Business Address which is required as a part of the billing and payments set up, be sure that this has the same address associated as the card that will be making regular payments.
  • Credit/Debit Card or Bank account ready, you wont be able to run any ads on the account until these details have been added and confirmed.
How to set up google ads - PPC Management Guide

Google Ads Set Up: The step by step Process

  1. Visit & click “Start Now” in the top right hand corner.
  2. You should now see a Google “Sign In” page, from here you can enter in your existing email, or click the create account link and continue the steps to setting up a Google email address.
  3. Now you are in the Google Ads interface & New campaign screen, simply answer what your main advertising goal is from the multiple choice options and click next.
  4. You will now be on a screen prompting you to describe your business, simply enter your business name & website and click next.
  5. “Where are your customers?” simply enter in your target area, either through radius targeting or specific locations and click next.
  6. “Define your product or service” page simply add your ads language, business category and what you want to promote (this is optional).
  7. You should have now been taken to the Ads page, where google will have automatically drafted you an ad version, you can create more versions or click next to continue.
  8. “Set your budget”, simply set how much you would like to spend per day and click next.
  9. You are nearly there, review your campaign settings and click next.
  10. “Set up billing” page, this is the page where you are able to add any promotional code if you have any, continue to fill in your payment details and check all necessary boxes and click submit.

It may take some time for all checks to be verified dependant on the payment method you chose, but now you should have a fully working and operational Google Ads PPC account.

If you have created your account but are not happy for it to go live yet as you want to do more work on your campaigns, simply go to your main google ads screen, scroll down to campaigns and click pause on the new enabled campaign, this will ensure the campaign does not spend any money until you enable it.

To find out more information, tips and best practices to optimise and manage your Google Ads Pay Per Click account continue to read our other articles on PPC Management Guide.

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